40/40/20 Agreement

  40/40/20 Agreement  


IMPORTANT: MUST READ: WARNING: The following agreement does not pertain to WorkCraft’s development blog.  It is strictly for the site that is currently in development.  This agreement is posted here for the sake of transparency—so members will know how WorkCraft’s system and overall finances will work and what to expect.


To Our Engaged Member-Investors (Players),


The following is our 40/40/20 agreement.


This agreement stipulates that 40% of WorkCraft’s post-tax revenue belongs to you, the Players, 40% belongs to WorkCraft’s Administrative Organization, and 20% belongs to World Improvement.  We feel that this agreement is necessary because our revenue stream is directly a result of your participation with our Heart Campaign.  Though explained at length in Heart, the short version of the Heart Campaign is this: members review and interact with a maximum of 20 Heart Ads per week in exchange for a Level 1 Heart Point.  Along with other points earned through the completion of WorkCraft’s Element Cycle, this Level 1 Heart Point can be redeemed for an Element Cycle prize entry. (For a full list of how to earn Element Cycle Points, please go to the individual Element pages listed under Rules of the Game.)  Being involved with the Heart Campaign does 4 productive things, other than make the 40/40/20 agreement a viable platform:


1)      It creates valuable feedback for advertisers. This feedback lets advertisers know how to better communicate with you and give you what you need so you purchase goods and services that you actually want.  It helps create the much needed dialogue between advertisers and consumers. Through this platform you will also know what information advertisers are getting — something we hope will make you feel safer than other interactions you may have had online.

2)      It helps create an informed, communal mindset regarding businesses and business practices. The feedback shared amongst WorkCraft’s community will help in the spreading of knowledge regarding which businesses are morally and ethically serving their customers with respect, honoring their employees, and improving the world both socially and environmentally. By consolidating our opinion, WorkCraft feels that our powerful communal voice will actually reach the ears of businesses and encourage them to either keep doing what they were doing or modify their behavior. Customer Empowerment!

3)      It provides the primary revenue stream for WorkCraft, allowing for the site to serve you. By funding WorkCraft, you allow it to continuously develop its platform of improving global education and encouraging the growth of projects and quality of life. Funding WorkCraft funds the 40/40/20 agreement, so everybody wins.

4)      It can create wealth for members that are willing to participate in the Element Cycle.  Rather than give away $1 to every one of its members, WorkCraft realized it was more prudent to reward members actively trying to improve their lives with a tiered system called the Element Cycle.  By aiming to reward members with prizes of $10,000 (Level 1), $100,000 (Level 2), and $1,000,000 (Level 3) and give winners complimentary financial guidance, WorkCraft feels it can not only encourage members, but can also help them achieve a more successful standard of living.  It will also give a fighting chance to those trying to accomplish something in this dog-eat-dog corporatist world.

5)      BONUS – for all members of the site that get involved with the Heart Campaign, there will be a special surprise every month just for you. You don’t have to win the Element Cycle, you just have to interact with 20 Heart Ads per week.  These prizes may include concerts, exclusive food, free stuff, and other cool ideas we can come up with.  It will be drawn via lottery and the prizes will be listed near the Heart Ads at the beginning of each month. Those who consistently participate in the Heart Campaign every week of the month earn a bonus entry into the lottery.


The specific breakdown of the 40/40/20, aka The Piggy Bank, can be seen in the chart below:


 The Piggy Bank


40/40/20 Agreement (After Taxes – the government needs our help, after all)
Your 40% Our 40% The World’s 20%
3% – Moderators 25% goal – The Red, including Employee Salaries 1% – Moderators
2% -Teachers 3% – Moderators 1% -Teachers
20% – Element Cycle Prizes 2% -Teachers 9% – Social Improvement
10% – Heartburst Lottery 5% – Padding (emergency fund so no one has to start from scratch for anything) & Site Improvement 9% – Environmental Improvement
5% – Contest Funding 5% max – Founders’ Bonuses (and extra padding)


The reason for “maximum values” in the administrators’ 40% is to ensure that The Red gets paid off.  WorkCraft aims for The Red to take no more than 25% of total site revenue.  If it takes any more than 25%, it will come out of first padding, then the Founder’s Pot, then Site Improvement.  In this way, we’ll make sure we don’t grow too quickly.  If a sudden burst in site activity happens, we’ll be able to pay for it.


The 40/40/20 is not just an agreement; it is a contractual guarantee.  WorkCraft’s sole goal is to improve our members’ quality of life and create new opportunities for everyone to enjoy.  We want to create and spread wealth while at the same time helping all creatures who live on this Earth, all while having a good time, of course.

Please help us make this dream a reality.  With your participation, we can make anything happen.


Sincerely Yours,

The WorkCraft Team

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