Yes. Yes we are. Please look at the Heart Campaign and the Piggy Bank for specifics.



No, we use the term “game” somewhat loosely; we have created a framework for success that has objectives, rules, and prizes. There is also team play and tools involved, hence the term ‘game’. However, the way the game is played is completely subjective – everyone has different goals in life and will aim to meet them in different ways. WorkCraft’s Game of Creation encourages you to create yourself however you see fit. Just keep the rules and objectives in mind.



This scenario could happen if there is not enough money in the Piggy Bank (See Heart Campaign and Piggy Bank for more details). In this case, WorkCraft would give a contractual voucher to the winner, as well as announce them as the winner on site. Until the person with voucher is paid there can be no more winners of The Game. In this way, WorkCraft does not increase its debt and players will hopefully recognize the importance of the Heart Campaign as well as how vital diligent and consistent participation in the Campaign is. Sorry everyone, but debt has been proven time and time again to incur more debt as well as lies. We cannot be a part of that.



That’s true, but Art is vital to the existence of almost all other human endeavors. The universe is made of art! Plus, art is often threatened in some way by our culture, so to create a foundation for artists seemed like a good idea. We had to start somewhere, and taking on all of the world’s communities at once was a bit too large of a task for us. But, hang tight everyone, we will get to all of the communities ASAP.



We’d love to hear it! Head over to the Contact Us page and shoot us an email! As soon as we have an answer, we’ll get it back to you.

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