We do not tolerate the stealing of ideas (or anything else, for that matter) on our site. Our members’ plans and projects are protected according to our Terms of Use policy. If anyone does steal ideas, they will be held fully accountable for thievery.


Scarlet Lettering

We take hate speech, bullying, and threats very seriously and will prosecute anyone who engages in these activities. As a preliminary step, we will Scarlet Letter the member across all profiles, so anyone associated with this individual will be aware of their actions.


Profile Protection

We protect all members’ privacy and if anyone hacks anyone’s profile they will be charged with destruction of public property, invasion of privacy, and slander (if applicable). We do not sell, trade, or share in any way private profile information without the members’ consent. However we do share non-specific statistics in order to provide relevant and engaging material. We do not use cookies to track your behavior online or on WorkCraft.



WorkCraft is not responsible for any of the actions or words of its members. However WorkCraft will protect its members against harmful actions whenever possible. WorkCraft holds itself expressly accountable to the 40-40-20 Agreement. There is only 1 stipulation: the Red must be paid off first before the 40-40-20 split can occur. WorkCraft cannot be forced to give up money it does not have to game winners, regardless of the Element Points earned. Element Point winners will be paid as soon as the Red has been met and the money is earned in the Piggy Bank. WorkCraft reserves the right to create further rules and regulations should the need arise, but will share them with members if such a need does arise.



During WorkCraft events, WorkCraft reserves the right to eject and ban from the site and further events disruptive individuals. If a +1 guest needs to be ejected, they will be ejected and banned from site. The member that brought them will also be ejected from the event, but will not be banned from the site. If a performer cancels for any reason, WorkCraft cannot be held responsible, but will attempt to the best of our ability to find a replacement act. If a member paid money for the event and it is cancelled, they will be refunded for their event ticket only. Any other reimbursement requests should be directed to the performer or other parties with them.

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