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The idea of Heart is popularly recognized as 1 of 3 things. We, however, have decided to forgo the mushy stuff (at least for now) and stick with the two other ideas – the Practical Heart and the Compassionate Heart.


The Practical Heart aka The Heart Campaign

Bump-Bump…fresh oxygen and nutrients come in, carbon dioxide goes out. This is the heart you pray doesn’t skip a beat, the one that’s actually inside your chest; that’s the philosophy behind Heart Level 1, aka the Heart Campaign. Before you get an image in your head of ritualistic virgin sacrifices under a full moon, let us explain exactly what we mean.


The Heart Campaign’s purpose is to make sure WorkCraft can sustain itself, ensuring the prizes of the game exist to create an increased quality life for everyone involved. The Heart Campaign’s method is having WorkCraft’s members judge advertisements, giving both advertisers and WorkCraft’s community as a whole feedback on how we feel about businesses that affect us, and how we think they could improve (bringing nutrients in, as a heart does).  In return for the communal critiques, the advertisers will pay WorkCraft, and the money earned will be recorded in the “Piggy Bank” and split according to the “40/40/20 Agreement” (sending nutrients out).


For the record, the Piggy Bank is how we as a company remain transparent, so our members can know exactly how much money we are earning at any given time. The 40/40/20 is how we split the earned Heart Campaign revenue – 40% goes to you the members, 40% goes to WorkCraft the company, and 20% goes directly to improving the world socially or environmentally, involving community members to help us make and enact a plan for world improvement.


We thought about going the Kickstarter route, but realized it wouldn’t let us improve the site and the education-system, or grow to accommodate new technology quickly. Plus, not all deserving projects would get funded; personal disposable income is far less than the collective internet ad budget (plus Kickstarter and niched, alternate versions of Kickstarter exist already). Through the Heart Campaign, we can fund almost any dream. Plus, we can offer all of our services and entrance to the game for free to all participating members. To be part of the Heart Campaign takes the effort of 5 minutes a day, 4 days a week, or if you like to lump things, 20 minutes a week at your convenience. This is for Level 1; Level 2 is a little more time consuming, but is a one shot deal and could be a lot of fun, depending on how it’s done.


If you think our product isn’t worthy of your effort, just stop being a part of the Heart Campaign and we lose your voice and business.   By doing this you commit to the ultimate idea behind the Heart Campaign: deciding (communally) which companies are good and deserving of your patronage, and which companies are bad and need to either improve or be replaced. We are no exception to this philosophy, and need communal judgment to improve and grow.


However, if rather than give us your effort you’d prefer to pay money, it’s going to cost $1000 a year; please take note this is not a premium subscription: the only difference is you don’t have to be involved in the Heart Campaign to be eligible to play The Game and use WorkCraft’s various services. We’d really rather avoid our members paying money to be involved with us: not being involved in the Heart Campaign means we can’t attempt to change the market through our communal voice, and it costs members money that obviously could be spent on other things. It is, however, your choice. Bump-bump, Bump-bump.


Also, by volunteering your honest opinion on products we can guarantee that we will avoid what seems to be popular with other companies – invading your privacy for the sake of making a profit on personal information.


Heart Burst Lottery

What’s that? You’ve participated in the Heart Campaign consistently for a week? Our hearts are practically bursting with pleasure! To share our joy with you, we’ve made a monthly lottery with a prize like an awesome concert, party, or getaway, for as many people as we can afford to take. One week of completing the Heart Campaign gets you one lottery ticket; one month’s consistency gets you a bonus ticket, and if it’s your birthday month, and you’ve been participating, you get a bonus 6. (Each Element wanted to give you something special for your birthday) Thanks in advance guys!


Heart Level 3 aka The Compassionate Heart

This one goes out to all the softies. Giving a man a fish when he needs it is probably the single nicest thing you could do, and there are so many awesome ways to do it! Teach him tomorrow, but tonight, eat that fish together, share a tasty beverage, and be merry, you good hearted sap!


Heart In Motion: A Visual Representation/Explanation of the Heart Element


Rules on How to Earn Heart Points


It’s been said that you get the most bang for your buck when Rules are written on Tablets. Though traditionally they were made of stone, we figured we’d try and keep with the times. Look through the Heart Rules by clicking on the Tablet below and going right. These aren’t all the ways to earn points, but, it’s a good start. Be sure to check out all 3 Levels: the higher the Level the higher the greater the Reward.