Objectives & Warnings




The important idea to remember when completing these objectives is that this system is designed to improve your life. So take some time to examine the choices you’re making while playing the game. You can do anything you want to; just frame it within the 6 Elements and you can win prizes (Link to Winning page) for it.  Are you becoming the kind of person you want to be? Are you reaching the goals you have set for yourself? Are you excited about your life? If not, change it so you are!



Upgrade       Improve your quality of life while completing the rest of the objectives


Level Up       Complete the Element Cycles in sequential order (first Level 1, then Level 2, then Level 3)


Podium       After completing an Element Cycle up to the desired Level, get more Element points for that Level than any other player


search icon       Prove the points you’ve earned are yours and you’ve earned them fairly in any way you can

○       Ex: documentation of the process


Piggy Bank       Along with the rest of participating Game of Creation Players, ensure there is enough money in “The Piggy Bank” for winners to enjoy their winnings by participating to the fullest extent you are capable of in the “Heart Campaign” . By participating in “The Heart Campaign,” you also qualify to win other prizes and help the world in other ways.


Warnings and Disclaimer


Scarlet Letter       If for any reason, someone has done something WorkCraft feels is inappropriate in the spirit of the Game, including, but not limited to, hate, spam, threats, violence, thievery, etc., all of the member’s profiles will be Scarlet Lettered. This means they will have a big letter “A” on the top of all of their profiles, with a short basic explanation as to why. If that “A” is clicked, they can see the full reason as to why that person has been Scarlet Lettered.


Disqualified       Disqualification – players that are Scarlet Lettered are banned from playing and participating in any WorkCraft events for 1 year. They will remain Scarlet lettered for 3 years. After the first year, the description for the Scarlet Letter goes away, but the “A” remains.



The communal aspect of the Game of Creation as of right now has been structured for artists. Once this community has been established, the Game will offer more communities the option of playing. For now, though, whether you are an artist or not, the personal edition of the Game is available for everyone to use.  Happy playing!

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