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These are the people involved in helping the Game function. They make sure it runs efficiently, safely, and successfully. Everyone here wants everyone to be successful. Utilize these people to help become more successful. They are resources for you to use.  But there is one caveat; they are people too. Do not treat them poorly. They are here to help YOU.


Moderator       Moderators – these people are here to make sure the forum boards run smoothly, to answer any questions you have, to direct you where to find a better answer to your question, and in general help you in any way they possibly can. We just ask that you contact the most relevant Moderator to your problem. They all are super friendly, don’t worry!


      Types of Moderators


     WaterLinkIcon3       Element – These Moderators help people acquire Element points and answer their questions to further their success.


Specialist       Niche Community – These Moderators help people get better acquainted with the Niche Community, involving people and coordinating projects and events within that community.


   Umbrella       Umbrella Community – These Moderators make sure the community is well run and make sure that the administration is well connected to the communities. They ensure the site is unified, figuring out ways to have communities easily crossover to one another. They aim to create opportunities to show off to the world through exhibitions, festivals, and more.


Support       Teachers – these teachers can be your keys to earning Earth points, so learning from them is suggested. Each of them passionately specialize in their area of teaching, so you can trust in their knowledge. They have lessons, extra help, and exams, and lead many of the discussions in the Earth forum. They can also direct you places that would better answer your questions. Let them help you! They’re all wonderful people; we’ve checked!


You       Players – this is basically you! And everyone else who wants to play the Game. Make sure you play nicely and help each other, too! Cooperation is rewarded, both directly in-game, through points, and also more traditionally, through achieving a greater level of popularity and success in everything that you do!



You are……a fashion designer! You are……a chef! You are……an architect! Whatever your chosen profession, you will need tools to be successful. This applies to the Game as well! In order to earn your points, as well as validate them, you will need certain tools. This is not intended to stratify the “haves” with the “have nots,” rather, it is the best way we can think of to prove, for fairness purposes, that you have completed what you say you have. So just like the fashion designer needs a pen, paper, and fabrics, and a chef needs ingredients and utensils, you will need your tools:


                      Tools        The materials you use in your field of art (whichever ones apply for you)

                      Computer       Access to a computer

                      Camera        Access to any device that can import your artwork into the computer (be it a scanner, camera, other recording device, etc.)


Just as the architect uses graph paper and pencils to build skyscrapers, you too will need tiny, important, everyday things for your success. So have fun learning your craft and finding the tools you really need to make your dreams happen. Happy discovering!

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