What, you thought you’d have free reign? Well, you do, actually, have virtually free reign, as we mentioned in the Introduction. These are the only rules and precautions that make the Game safe for everyone to play. So, please, read them and heed them! Then, onward!


1)       Play fair. If it is proven that you have hurt another person, steal from them, or hate on them in any way in the course of your Element Cycle, you will be disqualified and Scarlet Lettered. See Terms of Service for more details.

2)       Any idea placed on this site has a poor man’s patent. If it is discovered that you stole their idea in any way, we will take legal action and, of course, you will be Scarlet Lettered. So don’t steal other people’s ideas.

3)       You must participate in “The Heart Campaign” in order to be eligible to play the game and/or win prizes. (This includes getting a free education and participating in any of the events and forums).

4)       Players qualify to win a prize when they complete an element cycle. This means they must have at least 1 Point for each Element from the Level they are attempting to win – ex: “Player X” has earned Level 1 Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Heart points, they now qualify to win a Level 1 prize.

5)       Stacking — The more points a player has in a level the more likely they are to win – ex “Player X” has earned 3 Level 1 Earth Points, 2 Level 1 Fire Points, 6 Level 1 Water Points, 4 Level 1 Wind Points, and 15 Level 1 Heart Points – They have earned a total of 30 points and will automatically beat out anyone with less than 30 Level 1 points.

6)       Level Progression – Players must complete lower level Element cycles to compete for higher level prizes. A player does not have to win level 1 in order to qualify for level 2; Players only need to qualify for the lower levels.

7)       Not only Individuals can win WorkCraft’s Game – Kroughs (A group of Players that work together on a project in The Game) & Communities also may win, and the same rules apply to them.

8)       Schedule of awarding prizes – If the liquid funds are available, Winners of the Game will be awarded their earned prizes on a weekly basis. There are as many winners per week as the amount of money in The Piggy Bank allows. Winners will be announced at the beginning of every week except for Communities which will be announced and awarded monthly.

9)       You cannot win a prize more than once every 6 months, but you can constantly earn points. You also cannot win the same level prize within a 3 year span.  And finally, if you own more than 15% of a company that grosses more than $20 million dollars, or personally earn more than $4,000,000 dollars a year, you do not qualify to be a winner in this game (But please feel free to play as you may have a great amount of wisdom to impart to others and they to you).

10)       If you don’t win that week or month but qualify, you retain your points, which can be used, even next cycle, to try and win.

11)       If you redeem your points for a prize the same points cannot be reused later. You turn them in for good. However, as long as you have qualified once for a level, you can always attempt to earn a higher level prize.

12)       Heart points earned from the Heart Campaign will be capped at 1 point a week for the individual because otherwise the system would be broken and unfair.

13)       If more than 1 entity has the same amount of points, WorkCraft will try to give them all prizes. If this is impossible, WorkCraft will go by quality of points, the determining factor being what has been more provably helpfully to the world.

14)       If you earn a Synergy point, you get a point in each Element’s category and then a point in your Synergy bank (which is worth another Element Point in whatever level you are attempting to win a prize for. It’s flexible). For more information on Synergy Points, click here.

15)       You do not have to earn points using Synergy points, however it does help you rack up points more quickly.

16)       Until proven, you only have tentative points; once verified, if you are a winner, you will be notified. All points earned are subject to review by Moderators.

17)       Both Kroughs and Communities can earn a point for the same action – if it so happens that something someone else is doing overlaps with what you need to, as long as both parties fully participate, and help each other if at all possible, both parties get  their own points.