Specialty Rules


The only rules left are these specialty rules. Some of these rules add depth to this game. Others provide concrete explanations of how the Game actually works. But don’t forget about them! They’re here to help you earn more points and make sure you’re playing the Game by the Rules. We want you to flourish!

Synergy   Synergy Points

●        Synergy points are earned when you complete a task that fulfills the specifications of multiple Elements simultaneously

●       Synergy points do not replace other points; they are earned in addition to the Element points

●       A Synergy point is not an afterthought.  It is a bonus prize that you receive for premeditatedly completing an action that fulfills the requirements of multiple Elements. This should be done in an elegant, efficient manner.

●       There is a Synergy bank in addition to the other Elements’ banks.

●       They do not have Levels – meaning they can be applied towards any prize being worked towards; if you have earned Synergy points from a Level 1 action, you can use that Synergy point towards a Level 2 prize

●       Examples:

o       Show that for 3 months you have been an active participant/member in a forum with a strong, focused community or explore a new one. This will also earn you a Level 1 Earth point, as well as a Level 1 Water point, and a Synergy point.

o       Spend a day doing environmental clean-up will earn you a Fire Level 1 point. If you spend 20 hours on this, it counts towards Heart Level 3, and therefore a Synergy point as well.


search icon   Verification Rule

As stated earlier, every submission must be proven/verifiable in some way. If the proof is insufficient, the member will suffer no penalty; they must simply resubmit with sufficient proof the following week. If the submission has not been proven, it cannot be used towards a prize. The member must then wait until the week after the following week to submit any potential point again. If the same person fails to submit proof a second time, they must wait an additional month before being allowed to submit potential points. If they fail to submit proof a third time, they cannot submit any potential points for a year. If you are unsure of anything, ask your Moderator.


Piggy Bank   Piggy Bank Rule

If there is not enough money in the Piggy Bank to pay out, we will give the winner a voucher, they will be paid before any new winners are taken.


Safe2   Confidentiality Rule

Points will be regularly reviewed by a peer review system (it is one of the ways to earn Fire Level 2). However, members can flag their submissions as confidential if deemed necessary. In this case, their submissions will be reviewed by one of WorkCraft’s Confidentiality Points Specialists (CPS). With that in mind, members should be aware that marking a submission as Confidential will increase the time it takes to review it. They will be given an estimate of how long this process will take, depending on the volume of the backlog.


Trophy   Badges

Badges can be earned for helping others on site, and discovering new things about the site and yourself.  If there is a tie in points for the winners of a Game, the amount of badges earned will be the measure of who wins the prize.


Scales   Qualitative Point Measurement

WorkCraft understands that members of different Communities require varied time and resources to complete their tasks. As WorkCraft’s Edition of the Game matures, WorkCraft will find better ways to qualitatively measure and judge how points should be earned according to their Community. This measure will probably be influenced by the Community, though statistics may change that: if the Music Community, for example, wins every week, and it has done so due to a seemingly unfair advantage, WorkCraft will modify the Rules. Basically, the Rules are subject to change.


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