Who We Are


Wanna know more about us? Well, fine, we’ll give you a Hollywood taste.  In order to know more, you’ll have to meet us, and for some of us, buy us a drink or two.  But at least with this, we have an ice breaker for when we do actually grab that drink.


Michael Bio Pic

The seedling of the idea of WorkCraft began one typical night of hanging out with a few friends in college. Unbeknownst to Michael at the time, it would blossom into the beautiful flower of a mission to help as many people as possible achieve their ideal selves. Fed with overworked brain juice, watered with a thousand tears of joy and happiness, and nurtured with the love of a parent, WorkCraft is growing into everything he hoped it would be and more. Thanks to all the homies who helped make it possible! You all ROCK!!


Samantha Bio Pic

Samantha joined the WorkCraft team early on to give it a little feminine touch, er, rather a little organization and structure. Before her, the creative side of the company-brain ruled. As her attachment to the idea grew, a slow yet completely perceptible shift in control went to the structured side of the company-brain. Under her careful eye, WorkCraft has developed into a company worth believing in, protecting, pursuing, and most importantly, hosting impromptu dance parties with Oreos and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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